Unit 8: You won’t BELIEVE these personality tests!

We’ve all seen those online personality tests, they’re practically unavoidable for anyone who frequents use of Facebook or Twitter in the modern world, but have you ever taken one? I found myself spending a lot of time when I first began using social media finding out what kind of animal I am deep down, or which character I’d be if god forbid I was a part of the Lost series. Despite being part of the crowd who wasted hours filling out these quizzes just to not get the outcome I wanted, I never really signed up to the whole thing. It never really gripped me. Luckily for me, however – this assignment gives me a chance to create my own little quiz for myself and my friends.

Take a look at this quiz! CLICK HERE!

Why stop there? Let me know the results that you got in the comment section of this blog, and even stop and do your own quiz!

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