Unit 7: Create a Space with Sound

Image result for ears

Imagine closing your eyes, forgetting where you are; the only tool you’re allowed to use to pinpoint exactly where you are is your ears. Could you do it? Or could you create a virtual environment around yourself?

Creating a virtual space using just audio is done in several steps, multiple noises cannot just be thrown together in order to make this virtual space. Sounds and effects must be stacked up upon each other in detailed synchronisation in order to paint an auditory picture in the viewers head. For my piece, I’m going to use three different audio pieces to begin with, these will set the scene and the foundation for where the story is going to be based. After these foundations have been established, the details will slowly fall into place.

The humming of a motor vehicle:

The pressing of a motor vehicle’s horn: 

The busy walkway of a street:


Play all of these sound effects together, what mental image does this put into your mind? The intention and original aim of mixing these three busy. fast and noisy audio files together is intended to create the illusion of being in a busy city – specifically New York City. Upon establishing this foundation, a story can fall into place around the idea of being on the busy streets of New York City. Perhaps a person trying to escape the fast pace of the city by walking to Central Park? Only to realise the hectic lifestyle is not so easily escaped.

Birds singing in the park:

Using all of these sound affects does paint a vivid picture, the human imagination has the power to generate a thousand different stories in our heads, and with the assistance of some stimulated noises these stories can be layered and layered into more details.

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