Unit 10: Mixey Mashy Moo Moo


Mixing and matching films is always good, combining two of your favourites into a wacky and unexpected collaboration. That’s the goal of this neat little assignment I found lying about the mashup bank. Two of my favourite films, which hold almost no significance to each other are the Star Wars franchise and the amazing Pulp Fiction, part of the Tarantino cinematic universe. Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a wizard when it comes to using Photoshop but I definitely did want to try throwing the brilliant Samuel L Jackson into the rising sun scene of Tatooine. PULP FICTION, Samuel L. Jackson, 1994. I decided to go for the famous bible quotation scene where John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson narrowly escape an array of bullets and Jackson’s character claims divine intervention has saved them. This is for two reasons, the first being that this is arguably the most iconic scene from the entire film and the second being that I knew that it would be easier to edit this portrait of Samuel L Jackson and place him into the desert. Upon collecting the two screen grabs of each film I put them both into photoshop, masked around the portrait of Samuel J Jackson and began to cut it out of the still that it belonged to. After that, I simply placed the cut out onto a still of Tatooine with Luke Skywalker looking in the distance towards the twin suns and mirrored the image. Here it is.


Not bad if you ask me, a nice little mix up of two very well known and iconic movies.        Try it out for yourself! It doesn’t take long and its a fun way to pass the time!

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