Unit 6: Tattoos that Describe You


A simple image with a deeper meaning, this assignment gives me a chance to talk about a tattoo I have already had done. The tattoo is based off of the above image, a geometric pineapple. The sentimental behind the tattoo derives from my friends and I’s cheesy use of a pineapple signifying our friendship after several inside jokes piled up upon each other. After a long time, the fruit became significant to us as people.


I truly believe that my friends helped me change for the better into a more confident and happy person, and the pineapple is a sign of that.  The original design received several changes before it was settled as to what I wanted to aim for as the final design. The amount of small geometric shapes as the pattern was edited and minimised in order to make the design more plausible when it was actually being printed.

Getting a tattoo isn’t something you should rush into, lots of research should be done beforehand. For example, it’s wise to research about the specific tattoo parlour you’re planning to have your tattoo at, as well as looking into the artists previous work and reviews as to how their other work has turned out.


I had my tattoo done by hand at the Black Market Tattoo Parlour in Leicester by artist Lydia Amor, and was very happy with the final outcome. The sentimental meaning of the pineapple, what it means to me and what it means for my life has now been paid homage to in the form of a permanent reminder.  The designs were created in part for ds106, and the outcome was an actual tattoo being created and inked onto me.


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