Unit 5: Colour Changer


Looking through the lenses – a working photograph piece for #ds106.

Changing the colour on a photo can dramatically change the way people perceive the image and dramatically shift the focal points as to where an audience is going to look when they view your image. For example, shifting the colour tones in this image I have taken greatly emphasises the hair colour of the photographed boy and leads the audience to focus more on his hair. Other small details such as the mobile phone in the background, or small details such as the watch on the boys hand can almost be missed out due to the redirection of attention.  I chose to do this image for my Colour Changer assignment piece as it works well as an example piece for redirected attention.

The changing of colour tones can also switch up the entire dynamic of a photograph or video, here’s a video of Tame Impala’s Beverly Laurel, where during the video the colour tones shift along with the music. Can you notice how this change thematically follows the flow of the music?

Whilst editing the photo I simply masked around the coloured area I wished to keep, inverted the selected mask and removed the saturation on the image. This segregated the colour to the photographed boys hair. A simple change changed the thematic of my original photograph, completing the intended goal with ease. Colour changing is an easy and thoughtful way to remix an existing photograph in a way which can heavily shift the way the image is seen.

As well as changing the colour of an image, many visual editors also take this affect and use it whilst editing videos. This is a useful tool for film makers to change the undertones of a video in order to fit the video into any theme which they may be attempting to align their work with. Here’s a quick example and tutorial of editing colours in video!

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