Little Bo Peep’s Global Pandemic


For today’s DailyCreate we were asked to select a new phone for the Global DailyCreate phone. I decided to use this image of Little Bo Peep and her Sheep near a payphone completely vandalised. I chose this image because it prominently shows a globally innocent character attempting to break the law, break moral boundaries and steal money from the pay phone. Looking into this, it shows a different perspective of a world that many of us rarely get a glimpse of. Often living the average life in a first-world country we are numbed and ignorant to the struggles of the rest of the world. The world struck by war, famine and disease. Banksy, the artist behind the piece attempts to bring these issues to life in an art form which attracts many people who would not normally pay attention to these issues. Therefore I choose this as the new global phone for DailyCreate as it signifies finally answering to the rest of the world, a world that needs our help.

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