Unit 11: Gun-slinging Gaming Gifs

So I took a little nosey around the assignment bank for animation GIFS and found something interesting. It’s a bit of home video, home video of some gaming.

Creating GIFs in Photoshop is a basic but challenging way to create a GIF from scratch. Most forms of reaction GIFs are created from videos and are often created by websites which automatically complete the process for the user – I’ll let you in on a secret, I used to be quite the nerd and spent a lot of my younger days playing on games and learning how to use a computer. I never really got into scripting or learning code, but I really took to Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas Pro and Cinema 4D. I taught myself how to create GIFs by recording them myself with a recording software such as Fraps* Hypercam* or by simply taking several still images and editing them together. Once a video has been selected, it can be imported into Photoshop as several frames of an animation to then be fused together as a GIF. There are some limitations to the quality of this though, as creating a GIF this way only allows you to use 164 pxs of colour, anymore will cause a distorted look. Here’s a GIF that has been distorted.

The GIF is simple enough, however the large colour pallet which must be used due to the different colours visible (vibrant hat, yellow car, trees & buildings). It does not matter if a GIF takes ten seconds to look, or just half a second. The quality is determined by the about of coloured pixels used on a pallet before the length of a GIF when deciding size. Here’s another GIF.

This GIF is different, the quality still stands (as much as it possibly can with the use of the animation) however as a different pallet has been used (grey and dingy) joined by a slight flash of similar light colours which portray lightning the quality comes across more and the colours are more apparent and crisp without any presence of noise. Take a look at this final GIF, in which I used a simply black and white colour pallet.

Notice anything? Compared to the other two GIFs provided the quality is much better. The black and white colour pallet minimises the amount of work having to be done to generate the GIF and run the GIF. This leaves us with a smooth looping GIF of higher quality.

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